Sliquids Natural Sensations Gel


This is an excellent lube for someone who wants both a stimulator and a lubricant in one. It is also one of the few natural options out there. This lube’s key ingredient, Menthol, is known for its ability to trigger our cooling receptors without an actual temperature change, essentially producing a slightly stimulating effect without discomfort.

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Sliquid Organics Sensation is a water based stimulating organic personal lubricant, botanically infused with natural ingredients, including the active ingredient food grade menthol. It is designed to heighten sensitivity and provide a deep pleasurable stimulating sensation during use. Blended with food grade menthol, this organic lubricant goes on cool, and warms pleasurably with friction. The sensation is intense, and designed for those looking to add extra stimulation to an already pleasurable experience. The viscosity of Sliquid Organics Sensation is identical to Sliquid Organics Natural, and emulates your body’s own natural lubrication. Organics Sensation is water based, and easy to clean up.

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4.2 oz, 8.5 oz (+$8.00)