Why Vamp Products?

Simply Surreal Silicone

All Vamp products feature only the BEST top-notch silicone, made specifically for pleasure -- meaning it's safe AND exhilarating.

Anatomically Correct

Get on board to get off! Vamp products are 100% anatomically correct based upon real-life models, so you'll always find a snug fit. Perfect for partner play or simply solo, all the Vamp silicone products leave you satisfied.

Innovative, Hand-Made Design

Like any work of art, our toys are carefully handmade so each is truly unique. Our artists may choose to create a blue and white base one day and a read and black base another day. No two Vamp toys are exactly alike.


Ever since my Vamp Talula arrived, my sex life has improved buy 1000%. Yes, that’s three zeroes for ONE THOUSAND percent. My partner and I simply can’t get enough. To you, Talula… we give an A+!

We have a collection of 7 Vamp products at this point. We’ve been collecting for the last 4 years, and we get a new one every six month. They really are WORKS OF ART. Thank you!

When I think of Vamp… man. That’s when life began. These products are quality. They’re not your fly-by-night sex toy, but truly something that will last you a lifetime. I even made the TSA agent jealous when I flew to New York City!